April 15, 2009

Experiments with Nature Inspired Cards

As promised, I created a card inspired by nature...

Here is a shell I found on the beach in Santa Barbara...

And here is my card creation...

Hope you enjoy!

Back to Reality

Well, I've returned from my Spring Break vacation. We spent the week in Santa Barbara California. I took TONS of pictures and this vacation I was fascinated with textures that I could photograph. I also found myself thinking, "Wow, that matches..." and seeing a certain color in our 60 color Close to My Heart Exclusive Palette. I knew that I had to try to capture the pictures so I could come home and try to match what I saw in nature with my areas of inks and papers from my scrapbooking collection. I will be posting pictures of my creations.

From someone from Indiana, being able to experience weather in the 60 degrees range was like being in heaven. (I had left Indiana with temperatures in the 30's and 40's.) But to the native Califorians it was still cold. I had to laugh because we were wearing shorts and tank tops and they were still wearing jeans, long sleeve shirts, jackets, and yes, even gloves!!

The high points of the trip were seeing the poppies in full bloom on the mountainside. Mixed in with the purple lupin (I think that's how you spell it), it looked like a beautiful patchwork quilt. Exquisite and breathtaking!

The other highlight of the trip was seeing the stage production of Mamma Mia! (Thanks Nick & Sibyl for the tickets!!) The cast was awesome, the stage sets great, and the evening enchanting! I came home and bought the CD and the DVD. I can't get that music out of my head.

Now, I'm back home and the weather is still chilly, there are no poppies, and I can't hear the ocean crashing on the beach. But, the memories remain in my head...and on my camera's disk!